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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 28, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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red next on kpix5 news.
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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> tonight, things get hostile as the leader of the country's immigration enforcement comes to town and is greeted with outrage. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin, ken bastida is on assignment. cate caugurian was the crowd as things got heated with the head
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of ice. >> we are under attack. >> reporter: the community forum intended to ease fear and tension did just the opposite. >> this is about families being torn apart. it is about children being afraid for their lives and afraid for their parents. >> reporter: sacramento county sheriff scott jones caught the attention of labor unions by host acting ice director to have a civil unit conversation. >> what i do is a target enforcement operation. we go to a specific location. >> reporter: but it was far from civil. >> this is them lobbying with the sheriff to spend money in ways that are not appropriate. >> our community has the comfort and confidence to call
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law enforcement when they need help. that has always been the case in california. that has always been the case in sacramento. >> reporter: at several points during the town hall meeting protesters interrupted the sheriff and ice director. >> i want to thank each and every one of you for being here. >> [bleep] you! >> reporter: some of them were forced out. in the town hall meeting tensions ran high, but outside it was a similar situation with people chanting and protesting. >> it is ridiculous, but this is a community forum that doesn't include half of the community. >> reporter: some shouting welcomed the forum and the trump administration's hard line stance on immigration. >> if you are here illegally, you are a criminal. >> reporter: despite the outburst, the sheriff ended the meeting satisfied but protesters say they felt more divided. in sacramento, cate caugurian,
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kpix5. >> tonight, the feds blame caltrans for the deadly san jose crash in san jose. a report shows there were no markers separating the car pool lane connector. that led the bus driver to think he was in the connector lane when he crashed into a concrete fall. the a gunman opened fire from one car to another and shot the driver. a suspect is in custody. police arrested this man. 35-year-old antonio artiga of oakland. they found a stolen firearm inside his car. the gunfire erupted friday after some sort of incident at a bar. the shooting victim survived, the suspect is due in court on thursday. tonight, we are getting our first look at the land that could become the raider's first home in las vegas. it's a big gamble.
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will it pay off? ken bastida sat down with the mayor of sin city. >> reporter: it dun look like much now, but in a few years the raiders could be developing one of the most prolific stadiums in the nfl. that marks a great, great change in the relationship between the nfl and local cities. especially las vegas. in vegas slang, the raiders are playing with the house money. and, the house is glad to have them. >> no, the people are going to not come just for a game. they are going to come and spend five days here. there's so much to do. and we have all these great entertainerring and five star restaurants. every single hotel has a five star restaurant. >> reporter: care line goodman says it is natural to have the nfl in town. the nba and the nhl too. because times have changed. >> games is all over the
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country. cities and states are scrambling to find dollars so they have become the gambling focus. so i think that has made a huge difference for us. >> reporter: goodman says the explosion of fantasy football and online gaming is a big reason the nfl and others are coming here. >> i know when we have the summer nfl league here, i keep talking to him about the franchise. from you. >> reporter: and a lot of locals agree. >> what do you think having a football stadium would do? >> it would be thousands and thousands of extra people here. >> is that a good thing or a bad thing? >> it is a very good thing. there could be 100,000 people more a week. that would be a good thing. >> reporter: the raiders are not the only professional sports team to eyeball las vegas. in the 2017-2018 season, the
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nhl will be here, the golden knights will be playing next door to where the raiders are. in las vegas, i'm ken bastida, kpix5. well, this e-mail is adding insult to injury tonight. the raiders sent to season ticketholders offering to let them make a $100 deposit on a personal seat license. and ticket to lure them to las vegas. tonight, the search for more victims of a deadly apartment fire in west oakland is over. it was still smoldering this afternoon a day after it went up in flames. firefighter spent the day trying to put out the flare ups. among the dead are cassandra robertson and edward anderson. they have not released the names of the other victims. the fire department and the atf are investigating the cause of the fire. we have learned three days before the fire, inspectors
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found multiple violations in the fire alarm an sprinkler systems in the building. we have reached out to the landlord, but have not heard back from him. tonight, president trump is reversing the obama administration's efforts to curb global warming. today, he signed an executive order that is aimed at creating more energy jobs. it targets the clean power plant which limits carbon emissions and coal fired power plants. the new order allows for coal leasing on federal land. and it rescends restrictions on fracking. >> the zombie arguments take on a life of their own once they are out there. they keep oncoming back and you can't slay them. that's the frustration. the alternative facts. it is not a hoax. this matters to every american. >> and one more note tonight, president trump is expected to
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sign a bill blocking landmark new rules about internet privacy. they would have required internet service providers to get your permission before gathering your personal data. hillary clinton is getting back to business tonight. in a fiery speech in san francisco, she took aim at the trump administration and a few tech companies. andria borba is here with the highlights. >> reporter: well, allen, in her remarks, clinton never mentioned president trump by name. but did allude to his policies and how they affect women. to a roar of applause to 6,000 women, hillary clinton declared herself out of the woods and back to the work she began 20 years ago in beijing when she said women's rights are human rights. >> reporter: advancing the rights and opportunities of womens and girls is the great unfinished business of the 20th century. >> reporter: in her remarks,
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she made the case for continued strides to create a more inclusive worm environment for women. >> there is a woeful lack of women in the upper reaches of science and technology, business and education. not to mention politics and government. >> reporter: the former presidential candidate pulled no punches over gender inequality in corporate america. >> and women in the private sector particularly women of color struggle to representation in the c suite and boardrooms. but i'm here today to urge us not to grow tired. not to be discouraged and disappointed and throw up our hands because change is not happening fast enough. >> reporter: she even took aim at uber citing the famous blog post accusing the ride sharing company of protecting a manager who sexually harassed her. >> for some women, the hostility is even more direct.
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like the uber engineer who spoke out about her experiences with sexual harassment and spurred the company to publicly commit to addressing this problem. it is disheartening to hear women at the highest levels of their profession say things are no better for young women beginning their careers today. >> reporter: now, clinton also urged women at the conference to jump into politics and to return for office. in the news room, andria borba, kpix5. tonight, these bay area parents complain their children are getting an explicit education. this fox news anchor is apologizing for his racest joke about a california congresswoman's hair. >> a tech billionaire is transforming this upscale bay area home into the ultimate bachelor pad. tonight, some neighbors say not so fast.
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undercover videos at planned parenthood. >> tonight, two antiabortion activists have been charged with 15 felonies over those undercover videos at planned parenthood. this is one of the videos they secretly shot, the california attorney general says david delidun of davis and sandra merritt of san jose claimed to be with a fake bio research company to meet with their targets. then, they offered to buy fetal tissue while they recorded the conversation. he told the associated press the charges are "bogus." a lot of parents were cupertino were fired up. how far is too far for sex ed? betty yu on the fight over a proposed new sex ed curriculum. >> reporter: frustrations piled up as parents packed the
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cupertino union school district board meeting tonight. some carried signs that read support age appropriate sex education. and, overexposure damages. >> it was explicit. it was extremely provocative. it was written with too much suggestion. >> reporter: she is talking about the material she previewed that could be taught to seventh graders including her daughter. in january of 2016, the state passed the california healthy news act, comprehensive sex ed once in seventh and eight grade and once in high school. while the district has offered sex ed to students for years, the old curriculum is no longer compliant with the new law. >> nowhere does it say that it need to be explicit. neither are we saying we do note want to comply with the law. we are saying let the material not be so much in detail. >> it is too graphic and too descriptive. >> reporter: the district
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formed a task force to teach a new curriculum. >> they are definitely ready for it. >> reporter: right now, teachers are using material from 2003. >> one of the movies i showed in the seventh grade last year implied that boys were only looking for sex and girls needed to protect their virginity. >> reporter: just a short time ago, the school district voted 2-2 and they need a majority. so this curriculum was not approved tonight. moving forward, the district will have to figure out a new way to comply with the state law. in cupertino, betty yu, kpix5. a scathing attack on the stay of san jose about last month's devastating floods. the santa clara valley water district claims the city had all the information and warnings necessary, but failed to act. the water district sent the city this letter today. it reads in part, similar to
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when a hurricane is barreling down on a region, an evacuation decision should not wait for the hurricane to hit. to trigger a call for action. last month's floods forced thousands of evacuations and caused $73 million in damages. tonight, san jose major sam liccardo says now is not the time for bureaucratic finger pointing since the city has repeatedly accepted responsible for the problem. the water district is holing a special board meeting to discuss the disaster. bill o' reilly is apologizing for his remarks on a california congresswoman's hair. >> i didn't hear a word she said. i was looking at the james brown wig. >> reporter: within hours of making the comments about local congresswoman maxine waters on fox and friends.
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bill o' reilly ignited a fierce backslash. she was talking about why many african-americans oppose donald trump's policy. >> well, that was stupid. i apologize. that had no place in the conversation. >> reporter: he apologized on his show tonight for the insensitive comments. but owner of salon hair escapade and compton neighbor amber says it is far from enough. she grew up admiring waters as her district congresswoman and it is disheartening to think that comments like o' reilly's are normalized but such an influential platform. >> it is sad he would choose her hair to be an issue when there are so many that have not been addressed. >> compared to nothing else, it is just kind of a distraction. >> reporter: a distraction maxine waters made very clear on msnbc was not going to
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derail the seasoned 19 term congresswoman. >> i'm a strong back woman. it will not be intimidated. i will not be undermined. i cannot be thought to be afraid of bill o' reilly or anybody. >> that was elsa ramon reporting. wells fargo is about to lose $110 million from a bunch of fake accounts. the money would settle a class action lawsuit filed by customers who say the san francisco based bank saddled them with accounts they never asked for complete with fees. investigators found workers opened as many as 2 million of them in an attempt to meet unrealistic sales quotas. it would cover claims dating as far back as 2009. tonight, some bay area neighbors are fighting a tech billionaire over his plans to transform his house into the ultimate bachelor pad. susie steimle shows us. >> reporter: dave has enjoyed
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sweeping views of san francisco on his home in glen park. three months ago, these two by fours wents up to mark what would be a basketball court inside the home next door. but it is not just the basketball court, swimming pool, and sauna plans that bother him. entrepreneur keith rabroi lives down the street and purchased the property in november of 2015. they are worried the place will serve as a rec center and party spot. >> this is a money is no object kind of project. >> he has big bucks and thinks he can buy his way into anything. i hope the city lets him know he cannot. >> reporter: nancy and her husband have lived across the street since 1964. she plans to tell him he needs to change his plans. according to the planning department if you are going to remodel your home, you have to let anyone with 150 feet to
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know before that construction starts. so everyone on the hill had a warning but down here on addison street they found out this weekend when dave started handing tout flyers himself. >> i feel bad for people on both sides and the people who don't know this is going on. they will hear that noise. >> reporter: nancy doesn't know if her concerns as a neighbor can impact private construction, but she hopes the city takes it into consideration. >> i think it is a battle that planning should be looking into. more than us having to fight them all the time. >> reporter: in san francisco, susie steimle, kpix5. what a gorgeous weather day today. and a pretty decent night outside tonight. the view from treasure island is fantastic. but when we are fog free after a day where san francisco got near 70 degrees yeah, a little bit better. there's the sales force tower. the construction cranes at the top. livermore, 54. san francisco, 55. oakland, 55. san jose, 58 degrees. the radar is clear. it will stay that way with one
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exception thursday morning, a few showers moving through. not tomorrow morning. vallejo, 49. redwood city, 50. san francisco, 53. we do have a big strong ridge of high pressure, but it is bash. and centered to the south and west of las vegas pretty far away. a good rise in the jet stream. watch it slide back down over northern california. that is why we are not getting terribly hot outside. it is why the system will go up and over and give us cloud cover and give us a tiny chance of showers thursday morning. 4:00, 5:00 in the morning. a few quick showers. likely gone by sunrise. lunchtime thursday, the sunshine is back. the legacy from that particular front will not be the rainfall. it will be the wind. you will notice not tomorrow, but thursday, a big increase in the wind. it will be breezy to windy during the day. tomorrow, wednesday, comfortable and dry and we will get right back to it. dry and mild weather. look at all the 70s tomorrow.
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75 in san jose. concord 77. oakland, redwood city, fremont. mid 70s . san francisco hitting 70. santa rosa, 78 degrees tomorrow. a couple of morning showers, that's it. friday, saturday, looking good with sunshine. a little cooler. breezy again on sunday. we are trending cooler but it is nice to live in the area that in early april, cooler is the upper 60s . so, very good. it will be a nice stretch of weather. >> thanks paul. tonight, we will tell you where the world's first fluorescent frog was found. okay. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and it's coming from a frog. this is the "polka dot tree frog".. discovered in buenos aires. scienti >> a new light is shining in argentina. >> and it is a frog. scientists say it is a dull green in regular light. but, when ultraviolet rays hit it, you could even say it glows. researchers say it is common for sea creatures like coral and sharks to emit light like this, but this is the first for a freedom of speech on land. researchers believer, uh-huh ... it may be used for mating
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purposes. >> oh boy. >> you know it. turn on the black light. [ laughter ] >> this is a great transition. >> oh man. [ laughter ] >> here we go. okay. [ laughter ] coming up in sports, draymond green is never shy to tell us what he thinks. he chimes in on the raiders move and the warriors make a statement in houston as steph curry gets hot just at the light time. in our suvs, you feel every mountain we've ever conquered. in our sports cars, you feel every podium we've ever climbed. and now, they've come together to create something you've never felt before. introducing the glc coupe. part suv. part sports car. all mercedes-benz. pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget.
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this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation.
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tomorrow... we're supposed to get an official update on his progress... possibly a date for his return. this young lady overwhelmed with emotion getting curry. golden stat >> the warriors lost kevin durant to a knee injury. now, this young lady overwhelmed with emotion. she got to see steph curry tonight. golden state put up 37 point ins the first quarter. klay thompson knocks down one of five threes golden state led by as many as 20, but the lead cut down to four. klay finds andre iguodala for the dunk. then under two to go. curry ices the game with a deep three and scores 32. golden state wins their 60th game of the season.
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113-106. coach steve kerr becomes the fastest coach in the history of the four major sports to reach 200 wins. when news broke, derek carr said leave it up to the soul of the warriors to tell us how he really feels about the move. >> i feel bad for the city. if i was the fans i wouldn't attend a game the next few years. that is like moveing the cowboys or the packers. moveing the raiders? it is one thing to move them from oakland to fremont or something. but, you know, to las vegas? all right. i wouldn't attend a game. >> reporter: so the san jose sharks are still? san jose. and they clinched a spot. now, could san jose snap their six game losing streak, the
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sharks win 5-4. it is san jose's first win in two weeks and they are playoff bound. [ laughter ] we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. michelle griego and kenny choi will have all the news you need.. to start your day. good night. >> the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> they are drinking a lot of coffee that time of the morning. >> who isn't?
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>> have a good night. [ laughter ] captioning sponsored by cbs >> golf, golf, golf, golf. more, more, morning more. i like golf, but, you know, you've got to get down to business, folks. 'cause i'm gonna to be working for you, i'm not going to have time to go play golf. >> this weekend, president trump visited the trump national golf club in virginia. it was his 13th visit to one of his courses since he took office in january. >> yeah, i've caddied for mr. trump. he's a pretty good. but when he misses a putt, he blames it on obama wiretapping his clubs. he tipped me once and signed his book. the autograph was free. >> he kept asking me if i was a magical ghost. >> if he hits a ball toward a female golfer, he'll yell, "four" -- unless he finds her unattractive -- then he yells, "two."


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